HL’s ‘Out Of The’ House – An Exciting Collaboration

“Ruralising Urban Streetwear”

Born to stand out

A day at the farm

What were we setting out to do?

With our first major project underway we wanted to be able to offer an experience that most of our followers and anyone interested in streetwear would never have seen before. A collaboration between arts. Producing photoshoots and videos of life in the day of a fashion fanatic on the local estate. We wanted to show those who worry about what they look like and hold back with their fashion. That it’s okay to go bold, as you can look good anywhere in your favourite pieces, not just on the urban streets of London as an example.

Laying about on a hot summer’s day

How did we try to do this?

We used our large array of friends to network and communicate the day between ourselves and Luke over multiple meetings before the big day. We had to sell this idea massively to ourselves before we pushed for it to go ahead. Clothes were picked and multiple heads came together to chose the perfect outfits for each model. Matching colours with sizing as well as haircuts that fit the individual and scenery down to the finest detail.

Who was involved?

The main heads on the project were Luke Hawkins and Henry Helas founding members of LRH (Luke Roberts Hair) and HL’s House. Without the work of these two there would be no hair design no locations for the shoot and the rest of the team wouldn’t have formed to create an amazing group of talented young hungry individuals .

The clothing and styling came from HL’s House, a combined effort from George and Henry to put forward the bold but progressive outfits you see before you on the blog. Luke on hair balanced out the clothing creating the perfect collaboration element in both parties talent pool. However Luke could not have done this all without the help of Lizzie Williams on hair who came all the way over from London to provide her knowhow and experience in shaping some of these amazing styles.

Lorna and Aoife on photography and videography produced an unreal mixture of emotions between real life and still images to capture the most exciting parts of the day. Whilst also fitting in some time for bloopers in between.

Harry, Alex and Jamie did what they have done best for Luke so many times before, looked pretty on camera. Lots of standing around in the heat in heavy thick clothes, not everyone would be up for doing that for a free haircut.

Last but not least, we have our wonderful assistants Freya Bourne who provided photos, direction and most importantly food and water. Thanks for that Freya.

Like a proud grandfather perched upon his chair

What was the result?

The most exciting part of the whole project, the final outcome. The hours of hard work by everyone. The endless calls and messages back and forth to come down to these beautifully pieced together collection of photos and further medias of content yet to release.

We found ourselves in a very lucky situation where links from our school days meant we were able to use some of the land of a local estate. We felt so honoured to be able to use the land of the shoots to get these images. As it was able to provide to us perfect lighting, textures, props and a calming environment for all the entrepreneurs heads to come together and create something amazing.

We found ourselves bonding over amazing moments throughout the day that showed us why all the work was worth the wait. With all the models we were able to provide different experiences to each of them whilst introducing Luke and his team to what we do.

I used the clothes as inpiration for the relaxed textured haircuts I created. gents hair isn’t just short back and sides!

Luke Hawkins LRH

Whilst Luke fixed the team up with 80’s inspired greatness in the form of mohawks, smart fades and long curly hair. We complimented these looks with our signature garments. Jamie was the easiest as this is his style, the it was more a case of what will look best not will it look normal. From head to toe, the all white Nike TN’s with the Japanese Cav Empt digital jeans, Yves Saint Laurent vintage polo and to finish it off Napa x Martine Rose pullover. This fit screamed hype but in a way more respectable way than a couple of bags thrown at an outfit with no thought.

What came next was more fascinating, Alex and Harry admitted that streetwear wasn’t their style and that’s completely fair, fashion doesn’t begin or end with streetwear. However this still left us with a bit of a problem we had to solve on how to dress these guys so they looked as comfortable and as happy as they would in their own clothes.

Both ended up with fantastic results of outfit choice, with Harry a smart dressed toned cyclist wearing a big one piece Stone Island jogger set and he wouldn’t stop talking about it all day. Alex a smarter dressed serious individual in front of the camera, was placed in CDG x Converse pumps. Maharishi snow pants, a fan favourite CDG (Comme des Garçons) striped tee finished off with the Guess Jeans denim jacket. Myself and Henry were so proud of the outfit considering the variation in brands of each item and still being able to make it look smart and stylish.

Direction for the future

This project opened our eyes to the hours of work and creative thinking that comes into creating these shoot days. We made some simple mistakes that anyone would on their first time shooting and managing a large group. With the progression of our business degrees and placements we implemented many tactics learned successfully over the last few years.

With this project in mind we were already looking to further our connection with such like minded individuals as Luke. Bringing in more characters with an even wider scopes of talent, is always something we want to get involved in and learn from at HL’s House. The implementation after of music and high levels of editing lead myself and Henry to realise how far these projects can be taken.

Tune in to our blogs that we love writing to find hints into what we do with our future projects and learn more about the work that goes in from our great team.

Check out some of the items of the above featured photos:

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