HL’s ‘Out Of The’ House – A Hair Stylist At The Top Of His Game

Henry and George sittin back and relaxing

Introducing HL’s ‘Out The’ House. As part of our love for fashion and pushing the boundaries of creative styling we will be bringing you a range of media. Whether it be photos, videos or lie clips from shoot days we hope to bring you along on our journey. We work with a team of professionals which are dedicated to pushing the limits of their own fields to show you how good urban streetwear can look in a rural environment.

“Ruralising Urban Streetwear”

‘Ruralising Urban Streetwear’ is something we’ve been working on for a while now and we’re very excited to share with you the plan for the project but also why we have decided to do it and what we’re trying to achieve!!

For a while now we have both loved urban brand like stoney, CP, supreme, palace etc because of the culture it comes with. Whether it be skateboarding or football hooliganism there is a culture attached to the brand and that’s what we love (not the activity itself but the culture and history that comes with it). It’s not about leaving the house and trying to be someone your not but is actually to do with confidence in general. If you’re proud of the brands you wear and think you look hard in the pieces then it shouldn’t matter what others opinions are at all. 

The Collaboration

The reason for our collaboration isn’t only that we have a shared passion for pushing creative boundaries but also because the 3 of us (George, Henry and Luke) go way back to the school days and so when we launched we always intended to work together in the future. He really is at the top of his game working with models all over the country whilst featuring in magazines and on the front cover of Vogue, India. His creative flair and positive mindset made these shoots nothing but a pleasure and we are all over the moon with how its turned out.

From the off, we have been clear about wanting to achieve our goal of ‘Ruralising Urban Streetwear’ and we feel this will give you a better idea of what we mean. We have a number of photos coming to you throughout the week and will be premiering our new HL’ ‘out of’ House video with you guys on Sunday 25th. Original music from Exhert Sound as well as some smooth transitions form our videographer (Aoife Film) will most certainly keep you entertained. On our first shoot we had a jam packed day of adventure and are so excited to show you what we’ve been able to create. 

Luke Robert Hair and his team started prepping early in the morning getting the models barnets ready to shoot whilst Our HLs team (George and Henry) got to work styling them in their outfits. We hoped to create bright, bold, contrasting shots which really highlights how natural urban streetwear can look in a rural setting… to continue reading check out our exclusive blog post about the shoot day itself.

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