HL’s ‘Out Of The’ House – A Day At The Farm (Video)

A Day at the farm video title

The Project So Far

With our first major project fully released. We wanted to be able to offer an experience that most of our followers and anyone interested in streetwear would never have seen before. A collaboration between arts. Producing photoshoots and videos of life in the day of a fashion fanatic on the local estate. We wanted to show those who worry about what they look like and hold back with their fashion. That it’s okay to go bold, as you can look good anywhere in your favourite pieces, not just on the urban streets of London as an example.

Read the full write up here: https://bit.ly/3jdEEf5

The Video

Check out the full completed video from the project below. Enjoy.

An Urban Scene in a Rural Setting – HL’s House x LRH. Working with a professional hair stylist we took a few models on a day out to the farm to help us in our quest to ‘ruralise urban streetwear’.

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