HL’s Lookbook Part 19 – Felicia The Goat

Tyler, the creator. Never been too far from media attention


Tyler Gregory Okonma. Going by Tyler, the creator, a character far beyond his music. Born in California, Tyler now 29 years of age, sits in a position of celebrity stardom. From being best friends with Kendall Jenner, too photobombing soon to be former President of the United States, Donald J Trump. Tyler doesn’t find himself far from controversy, a ban from the UK by Teressa May for 4 years, hasn’t stopped his name popping up in every Spotify playlist under the sun.

But why are we talking about Tyler, the creator? What does he have to do with fashion? Well its quite simple. The artist expanded his talent pool into the streetwear industry, with GOLF WANG. Simple but colourful products that you could mistake for being designed by young children. But that’s the beauty of the beast.

Golf Wang supporting gay pride


We start with our obvious model. Something we have the pleasure of having in our current collection. The Converse Golf le Fleur. Modelled between world renowned Converse on their classic pump model and the whackier Golf Wang design, right from Tyler’s mind. You receive an extremely popular product, some would say sit on the standing of the Comme Des Garcons Converse.

Future products?

For us at HL’s we do question on the price/quality and design matrix we always try to bring to you and sometimes brands fall outside this for us. A collab is perfect place to start. There’s no doubting the popularity. However we will have to wait on the potential idea of sharing more Golf Wang products with you. Either way, please find our beloved Le Fleurs below.

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