HL’s Lookbook Part 18 – Next stop coach station

NWA – Repping the branded coach jackets back in the day


Deriving from 90’s sportswear, the coach jacket was a simplified version of a windbreaker. Usually with simple buttons down from neck to crotch that held it closed when cold. Minus the the hood and featuring a down facing collar. It’s style simple but durable and effective. This style has since been adapted many times with brands producing zip ups and neck high zips but these are not true coach jackets as we know.

One of the original pieces of kit whole teams would be able to use as part of their team. Mostly heavily branded with their team sponsors, personalised names tags and logos. As the image above shows, coach jackets found their way into rap and hip hop culture as most sportswear does with even keener admirers. NWA (pictured) are seen with the coach jackets buttoned all the way up, with personalised names, in a similar style to Varsity jackets. The fur lining a big difference though, who knew it got that cold in LA?

HUF Coach Jacket
Clean cut font – HUF always keep it real


If these jackets are available on Amazon with the NWA branding on them you know coach jackets are a piece that are sought after, even if the quality may lack. But fear not all your favourite skate brands have used this model and adapted it with their own branding to create the items you wont know you love until you own one yourself. With Stussy, Dickies and HUF all big names to don the design.

Fashion Icon and all around bad boy A$AP Rocky repping COMME des FUCKDOWN

Tumblr and Streetwear history

As for our own model, well, as I’ve put on our own description. This for me, as someone who has been into streetwear or Hypebeast related products (lesser to owning it I may add). Is a statement piece of its history. Roll it back to the Tumblr days of seeing scroll after scroll of someone facing away wearing the interestingly tacky but popular COMME Des FUCKDOWN.

A brand that seemingly from recent viewing of their site has taken a more mature approach to their styling. But even so, anyone who knows their brands was aware it was a play on the great brand that is COMME Des GARCON. We find ourselves lucky to have this to hand and be able to style it but also understand the rarity of owning a pink colourway. So I hope this blog gives you a better insight into the history of a great product and clothing style. Also fit the hat in to complete the look.

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